Friday, February 22, 2013

Mother & Daughter Doggies

Here are Penny and Peyton, a mother and daughter doggie set that I pet sit the last few days. They are such good girls! Don't they have just the sweetest little faces?

~~~Puppy LOVE~~~~

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pool Party!

I was so happy to get to pet sit the Blue Dogs again! We had lots of fun chasing around the backyard, house, and swimming in the pool! Here are Tasi and Bullet:
A wet Bullet

Bullet climbing out of the pool. Tasi telling him to be careful!


Chopper is a lucky doggie who has a great family - a big one, too! He just recently lost his companion dog, Slayer. Chopper's family went to visit relatives and had us come by to check on Chopper several times a day. Lauren and Kim both took care of Chopper. He is a friendly and ultra-sweet guy that we both love so much! Here are some fun pictures of Chopper:
Chopper singing for his supper!

Sweet angel baby

Happy go lucky fella...

RIP Slayer - you are missed


We had a guest at Ellie's Bed & Biscuit for just an evening. Murphy, the schnauzer, was a happy little guy and he and Pete played and played! It was very difficult to get a picture of him because he was in perpetual motion. We hope he comes back soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Here is our new client, Hennessey! He is a sweet boy who loves to talk and cuddle. I LOVE those orange tabbies!

Blurry, but still cute!

Kittie Cottage Summer Visits

I LOVE our Kittie Cottage cats! The kitties were so happy to see me every day for their food, water, and snuggles. I enjoyed getting to spend some time in the backyard, watering and relaxing by the pond.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In DC!

When I visited Washington DC in June, I found a lovely bed & breakfast in which to stay. The owners had this sweet dog, Olyox! He was as friendly and nice as his owners. I hope to return to DC in the coming years and re-visit Oly, Helen, and Journey!
Olyox, your b&b host with the most!